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ALUCERAM The benchmark for aluminum surfaces

The most successful example of the innovative power of the FYSAM Auto Decorative is the ALUCERAM surface protection. ALUCERAM is the intelligent protective system for anodized aluminum high gloss surfaces in the exterior of vehicles.

In addition to absolute resistance to UV radiation, ALUCERAM offers the highest possible protection from pH 1 to pH 13.5 and thereby also fulfills the most recent Eastern Europe requirements that are required through the use of mixed salts of calcium, sodium and magnesium chloride.

Surfaces with ALUCERAM are also protected against lyes like those used in American washers. With ALUCERAM, there are absolutely no optical and tactile changes compared to the anodized surface - whether in high gloss, semi-matte, satin-finished, matted or ECOELOX.

ALUCERAM has been used in series for different components for about five years and satisfies the newest customer and environment requirements. The procedure was developed up to series production together with the customers through years of tests and trials and is now the only approved system for the highest requirements placed by Audi and VW. Today, ALUCERAM is used by an increasing number of OEMs in the premium sector in order to protect aluminum decorative parts.



Consistent further development

The world’s only ALUCERAM black coating process sets new standards for the protection of high gloss black decorative parts in vehicle exteriors.

The new surface is resistant to light and there are no discolorations or clouding. The process thereby guarantees a resistant and brilliant piano finish depth effect.

Just like ALUCERAM, ALUCERAM black protects aluminum surfaces up to a pH value of 13.5 and thereby fulfills the increased requirements of the automobile industry.

ALUCERAM film (german)

Aluceram filmALUCERAM – The standard for aluminum surfaces


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